Seasons of Growth and Change!

Dear Friends of River Legacy,
Growth and Change. Because of you, 2017 has been a year of great growth and change at River Legacy.
As simple as an armadillo rooting through the leaf litter. As rewarding as a trip down a new trail to the Trinity River. As engaging as the spark of wonder in the eyes of a child discovering a bulb pushing up through the soil. Growth and change are exciting.
Because of you, River Legacy has experienced much growth and change from its beginning roots.  River Legacy Park has grown from 176 acres to more than 1,300 acres of greenway that shelters a myriad of animals and plants – and the thousands of humans that are nourished by experiencing that abundance. Walkers, hikers, strollers, bikers, kayakers and canoeists, skaters and wheelchair users can find ever-new ways to access the Trinity River and its surrounding forest. Growth and change are intriguing.
Growth and change prompt reflection. We examine where we were, where we are now and where we might go together. With your support, the exhibit hall at River Legacy Living Science Center has been transformed into the River Legacy Discovery Room, a rich learning environment bursting with more ways for new generations of children and adults to experience the wonders of our natural environment and take pleasure in the simple – yet infinitely complex – networks of life abundant. Growth and change are inviting.
River Legacy’s programming is growing and changing, too. What started with field investigations for some local students has grown into field investigations forSummer Fun more than 14,000 school children each year. Students from public and private schools, as well as homeschoolers, from the region come learn in the Center and in our outdoor classroom.
Our Saturday programs, community festivals, summer camps and winter-break and spring-break explorations offer opportunities for all to connect with nature. Adults also come to learn in our nature center about birds, composting, water conservation and more. People also come to meet, whether it is celebrating weddings, holding corporate events, or gathering for the kind of community activities that introduce more people to the riches of River Legacy. Growth and change are life-enhancing.
Your generosity has been the key to all this access, renewal, growth and change. THANK YOU!  You strengthen our community by supporting River Legacy Foundation. THANK YOU! Our reward is knowing that you value the resource that River Legacy has become. We are celebrating the change and growth we are seeing with the grand opening of our Discovery Room in late January/early February. Growth and change are joyous.
Thanks to YOU, we have seen wondrous changes at River Legacy because of the gifts of your time, talents and financial support. Thanks to you, we have more opportunities than ever for growth and change.
We hope you will continue to shape and support our ever-changing programs at River Legacy. Come explore the River Legacy Discovery Room. Spread the news about the growth and change that is happening at River Legacy.  Participate in community events and festivals at River Legacy. Volunteer and join in the fun. Consider making a tax-deductible end-of-year gift to support recreation, preservation and education at River Legacy. However you choose to be a part of the growth and change – We Thank You!
Hoping to see you soon at River Legacy for more exciting, intriguing, inviting, life-enhancing and joyous growth and change. Happy New Year!
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